About the styles


Bauhaus is based on simplicity and believes in following the zeitgeist. The furniture and accessories of Bauhaus homes will be of high quality and esthetically appealing, but primarily they will be comfortable, functional and affordable to almost anyone.

Art Deco

The eclectic and diverse Art Deco style is characterized by the use of geometric shapes and numerous colors. This style was the first to adopt novel technologies of the early 20th century, and is known for its modernism, innovation and symmetry.

Classic Style

The classic design combines rich materials and heavy textures, creating an elegant, glamorous, yet very mature look. It is not a style for everyone, yet no one would stay indifferent looking at the rich and royal design of a classically designed home.

Modern Style

To achieve a great modern design, the right colors, textures and lines should be used. The modern design is characterized by great simplicity, and has a wide variety of sub-styles – “Zimmer”, French, deco, eclectic, Mediterranean, elegant, rustic, modern and post-modern, among others.

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