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Designing a Condo Flat

Apartments in condominiums are built according to standard models and plans. Naturally, every one of us would have liked to have the home of his dreams, yet most of us will settle for a condo flat, as an affordable and comfortable enough solution. The space will not be divided to our personal taste, but a new condo flat will allow living at a relatively high standard.

  • Creativity and scrupulous planning

    Those are key elements in the transformation of a generic apartment into a unique and original home. Your character can be expressed in floorings and tilings, as well as in powerful colors posing as the perfect background for internal design. How is this done?

  • Flooring and wall tiling

    when purchasing an apartment in construction, one can usually choose from a range of available tiles. You may also want to place the tiles in original patterns, differentiating your apartment of others – including a brick wall or a colored wall. In addition, special tiles not included in the standard range may be purchased and used at specific points – in the kitchen, the shower or above the toilet seat.

  • Color

    rich colors can revive even the most boring space, and make it look larger and brighter. Color can make a difference between a warm and intimate space, and a large, clear and modern one. Sometimes a single colored wall is enough to characterize an entire room.

  • Lighting

    its design and planning are important at the construction stage, as the location of electric outlets should be planned accordingly. After the outlets were placed, an atmosphere can be created by using warm or cold light, or designed lamps fitting your personal taste.

In addition to these basic elements that have to be addressed at the planning and construction stages, your home can be characterized by doors and tiles varying from the common choice provided by the construction company; and by furniture and textile, allowing you to design your home to your taste after the construction is done.

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